About the course

Immagine 061

Thanks to the exceptional perspectives of Electron Microscopy an increasing number of molecular events are being positioned and understood within their detailed cellular context. Additionally, the possibility to investigate the molecular aspects of living matter at high resolution has recently come into reach thanks to Cryo-electron Microscopy

This Advanced Course addresses early stage researchers and young scientists, exposing them the most advanced ultrastructural methods and techniques applied to the different branches of life sciences. The Course final aim is to advance the participants’ understanding on the potentials of Electron Microscopy as a new essential tool for their research.


Unravelling the complexity of biological systems by transmission electron microscopy

Integrating structure and function
Correlative Microscopy in cell biology studies

The cryo-EM resolution revolution

Tomography and Volume electron microscopy
to unravel tissue architecture

Nanotechnology and other potential
EM applications