NEWS! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, the school, originally planned from April 20 to April 24, 2020, has been now postponed to April 26-30, 2021.
The website will be soon updated with new deadlines and information.

About the course:

Our eyes are the first microscope for discovering the beauty and the architecture of the neighboring world, but the concealed underlying complexity of the living organisms can be unraveled mostly by observation through the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Thanks to the exceptional TEM potentialities applied to tissue and cell biology studies, an increasing number of molecular events are being positioned within their cellular context. Recently, the possibility to investigate the molecular aspects of living matter at high resolution was achieved thanks to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). To date, not only tissues, but also cells, macromolecular complexes and individual molecules can be studied in their whole, shedding entirely new light on the complexity of biological systems.

This course addresses early stage researchers and young scientists, aiming to share with them the most advanced knowledge needed to apply ultrastructural approaches and techniques in the different branches of life sciences, and to improve their understanding on how Electron Microscopy can provide an essential tool for their research.